Nag Champa Body Mist

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Nag Champa Body Mist - Psychedelic

Remember in the old days that incense smell was often nag champa burning. To me this smells very warm with notes of sandalwood patchouli and hints of lavender and citrus.

Stay Fresh All Day

A little spritz goes a long way

Awaken your senses with our natural body mist. Alcohol free, formulated with natural witch hazel. This spray is good for your skin. Use it to freshen up. You can even use it to freshen up a room or linens. Remember a little spritz goes a long way

  • Awaken your senses
  • Alcohol Free
  • Natural Witch Hazel
  • Freshen up body, room or linens


Water, witch Hazel,  polysorbate 20, vegetable glycerin, fragrance, phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol.