Get to Know Us



Who We Are?

James and I both grew up on farms as kids. I was raised in Lower Lake, California on a small goat farm and he spent some years on a farm in Woodsfield, Ohio. We met and fell in love 14 years ago and at the time we both had regular jobs but we really wanted more. With kids to raise money was tight so we mostly dreamed about owning our own farm and being more self sufficient.  
Growing up on the farm my Mom would grow the biggest gardens and raise all kinds of animals some would give us milk and some meat. She always strived to be self sufficient so she made her own soap and goat cheese. James had made soap for personal use for many years and when we got to talking about it we decided to start a business together and that’s how The Soap Shack Baby was born.
We both worked very hard those first few years working our regular jobs and running our business at the same time. Weekends were full of farmers markets and shows to get our products out there.
We had many obstacles over the years but one thing we never stopped doing was making products and pushing on.
So you might wonder how did you end up in Kentucky? We prayed a lot over where to move and and so our search began. Our dream to own our own farm brought us to this beautiful land. We started our search for the perfect place much closer but as we searched for property and what we wanted as far as land and what we could afford we just kept expanding our search area. One day my husband sent me a property and I got so excited. Giant barns and a little farm house on 10 acres it was perfect.
I personally had never been to Kentucky but I read as much as I could about it and we put in an offer. Before we knew it we were in escrow and plotting a road trip to see our new farm. I can’t say I wasn’t freaking out inside over this huge leap of faith. However when we got here I completely fell in love with the property and the people. I feel like I am at home and now we can finally start growing our own little farm.
We were able to trailer three of our goats with us and our four barn cats and our Dog and Parrot. It was a journey I will never forget as I had to trailer them across the USA having never even pulled a trailer before. We could never have made that journey without God by our side. Everyone made it though and we will have baby goats in the spring. We turned one of the existing sheds into our Soap Shack and make all our products right from there.
Our future goals are to add more animals to the farm and of course grow a huge garden. We strive to be as self sufficient as possible and be organic. We plan to have a little farm stand where we can sell our organic eggs, veggies and soap. We are excited about all the future has in store for us here.
We hope you will stick around and watch us grow and enjoy all our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.